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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back on line

After moving to Norfolk at last my fist post. I can't believe how long its taken to get connected to the internet, I think its nearly four weeks and thats with a perfectly good working phone line, I cant imagine how long it would have taken if it had involved more than activating a line.

Alhough I have been to north Norfolk with the camera a couple of times today was the first visit to my local Norfolk broad which is only about five minutes from the house. There were a lot of gulls present when I got there about 3pm and I soon spotted an adult med gull amoungst the raft of black-heads. There was also a group of about 150 tufted duck with a scattering of pochard. I did a bit of a scan but didn't manage to pick anything out. I carried on sifting through the gulls when something scared all of the TD's out from under the overhanging trees, to my suprise this female ring-necked duck came into view. Well not exactly into view as it was about 350m away and it was getting pretty gloomy by this point. I'm off back at the weekend when I hope the duck will join some of the TD's which appear to like to feed right in front of the car park....

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Dean Eades - Birds Wildlife photos- said...

Next time we are in Norfolk we will call in to see ya & catch up !!!