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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few recent flight shots

Rock dove and Gannet at Bempton Cliffs , the Hobby at Lakenheath the rest locally in Cambridgeshire. The young crow ventured a little too close to the peregrines young and nearly paid the price. Luckily it just managed to present its feet to the stooping falcon which as you can nearly pulled its legs off with brute force. The peregrine then released it and went up for another stoop which the badly shaken crow managed to evade by scrambling into some bushes. Click photos for larger images.


Chris said...

Hi Kevin,
How did you get so nice sharp shots in flight? Gosh that is not easy but these ones are "pure marvel"... Well done!

Dale Forbes said...

I grew up with lots of cape gannets about (in winter) and so my favorite has to be the gannet shot - simply wonderful.

Happy birding

Kevin Du Rose said...

Chris, the answer to your question is: by taking loads of pics. The professional camera helps a bit too.